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Indian Meal Moths Pest Control & Extermination

It’s very common to see these pests in food or bird seed. They will more commonly go for products in the pantry like oats, nuts, cereals, crackers, rice & flour. Anything that is considered a dry good product they will get into. Usually homeowners will see the flying moths which will alert them to the problem in the pantry. One of the stages you might find before you see the

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Moth Extermination

Moths is the larva stage located at the corner where the wall meets the ceiling. One common area people get this pest is in bird seed stored in the garage or shed areas. It’s always best to only buy the amount of dry goods that you may use in the next few weeks. Doing these things will help prevent the possibility of getting an infestation going.

The first thing to do for this pest is to locate the infested food product and throw it away into the outside garbage can and not in the house. Once the effected food is thrown out we can go in and spray the ceiling lines, spray around and in the cabinets and install pheromone traps that will catch the flying adults.

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